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Yesterday - July 23, 2024

Electronic Parts Outlet - Houston, TX

Here at our locally owned, brick-and-mortar business, we strive to create a warm, friendly environment for all of our customers. We always offer free coffee and the full extent of the knowledge to inspire and educate customers so they can see their ideas come to life. We're always more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding products or the project you're working on. Please stop by in-person to see the perks of buying from a real storefront!

Whether you need parts for work or play, you’ll find what you need at EPO. We deal extensively with basic components, wire, tools, connectors, surplus, project/educational kits, motors, robotics, micro-controllers, and hardware. We have vintage computer equipment, test equipment such as oscilloscopes, meters, power supplies and more! From typewriters to vintage film projectors and cameras we have it all.

Electronic Parts Outlet vintage and rare

We are a Dutch company and love exotic and obsolete electronics.
We service a global market that urges for vintage high quality products
while cheap inferior Chinese crap is trying to dominate. We only sell parts
from well known manufacturers that comply to specs you would expect
for a affordable price.

We keep our stock up-to-date by acquiring NOS parts out of insolvencies
and overstock. At the moment we have about 40,000 parts in stock within
2,000 product ranges.