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November 24, 2023


USBView is a small GTK application to show what the device tree of
the USB bus looks like. It shows a graphical representation of the
devices that are currently plugged in, showing the topology of the
USB bus. It also displays information on each individual device on
the bus.

HIDAche - An Exercise in Hardware/Software Integration

The goal of this article is to illustrate the potential for cool applications when software is combined with custom hardware. I will provide a brief introduction to USB and how communication with a custom device can be used to create an annoying gadget.

Why you should care about RISC-V
Simple URB (USB Request Block) Monitor

This is about "what I know thing", and I can be wrong about what I'll show you specially in this article. If you find out that I'm wrong please let me know so we can discuss it further.

This is my second article, and it about how to monitor URB (USB Request Block) which is used by USB device driver. Honestly, I do not know exactly how USB protocol work, well, in fact I got this idea when I try to understand how to write USB driver. If you want to know exactly how this protocol work, please take a look at official USB "specification maintainer". The basic idea is the same as my previous article but this time with little bit variation.