Kennedy Space Center



Base Frequencies

Base Frequencies are land mobile frequencies used to support launch and day to day operations.

138.1000 Cape Canaveral AFS Data (FM)
138.1750 Patrick AFB OSI
142.1250 NASA CML/OFS
143.4500 Patrick AFB MARS repeater
148.0350 Cape Canaveral AFS TV Ops
148.0650 Patrick AFB Mobile Phone Input
148.1500 Civil Air Patrol
148.1750 Patrick AFB Flight Line
148.4850 Cape Canaveral AFS Photo Net Control
148.5150 Cape Canaveral AFS Titan Bravo
148.6500 Cape Canaveral AFS Data
149.1500 Cape Canaveral AFS Titan Zulu
149.2650 Patrick AFB Supply
149.3000 Patrick AFB Maintenance Ops. Jolly/King
150.1950 Cape Canaveral AFS Cape Support
150.2500 Cape Canaveral AFS Utilities
154.5150 Spaceport USA Tour buses/ Security Car to Car
154.6000 Spaceport USA Maintenance
156.6000 Marine Channel 12 Port Ops
156.8000 Coast Guard Channel 16 Emergency
157.0250 NASA Thiokol
157.0750 Coast Guard Channel 81A Range Ops
157.1000 Coast Guard Channel 22A
157.1250 Coast Guard Channel 82A
157.1500 Coast Guard Channel 23A Working/DVP
157.1750 Coast Guard Channel 83
162.6125 Kennedy Space Center Launch Support
163.4125 Corps of Engineers
163.4375 Cape Canaveral AFS Launch Support
163.4625 Cape Canaveral AFS Security
163.4875 Patrick AFB Security
163.5125 Cape Canaveral AFS Launch Support/Fire Secondary
163.5375 Kennedy Space Center Public Affairs
163.5625 Cape Canaveral AFS Fire/Crash (Primary on KSC Fire Net 173.5625)
163.5875 Cape Canaveral AFS Radio Maintenance
164.2000 Cape Canaveral AFS Security Special Ops
164.5000 NASA Radiation/Environmental Health
164.6250 US Fish & Wildlife Service, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge repeater
164.7000 Patrick AFB Fire/Crash
164.7500 US Park Service, Canaveral National Seashore repeater
165.0125 Cape Canaveral AFS Pagers/Security Secondary
165.0375 Cape Canaveral AFS Weather
165.0875 Cape Canaveral AFS Security (Channel 3 repeater)
165.1125 Cape Canaveral AFS Command Post
165.1375 Patrick AFB Transportation
165.1625 Patrick AFB Fuels
165.1875 Kennedy Space Center Telemetrics
165.4125 Kennedy Space Center Orbiter Ops
165.6125 Kennedy Space Center SLF Landing System
167.8500 Department of Energy DVP
168.0000 Cape Canaveral AFS Command Alert
170.1250 Cape Canaveral AFS Security (Channel 2 Repeater)
170.1500 Kennedy Space Center Base Commander
170.1750 Kennedy Space Center Transportation and Rail
170.3500 Kennedy Space Center Pagers (inactive lately)
170.4000 Kennedy Space Center Logistics
170.5750 Cape Canaveral AFS Mobile Command Post
171.0000 Kennedy Space Center Utilities
171.1500 Kennedy Space Center Maintenance
171.2000 Department of Energy
171.2625 Kennedy Space Center Media/TV Ops
171.3875 Patrick AFB Engineers (Repeater)
173.0250 Patrick AFB Security
173.1250 Patrick AFB Command Post/Tower
173.1750 Kennedy Space Center Security Secondary
173.4374 Kennedy Space Center Medical
173.4625 Kennedy Space Center Safety Secondary
173.5375 Kennedy Space Center Loan Pool
173.5625 Kennedy Space Center Fire/Crash/Cape Canaveral AFS Fire/Crash
173.6375 Kennedy Space Center Base Communications
173.6625 Kennedy Space Center Safety
173.6875 Kennedy Space Center Security
173.7875 Kennedy Space Center Fire/Crash Secondary
407.1000 Kennedy Space Center  LC-39 General Pool Handhelds Channel 2
407.2250 Cape Canaveral AFS (user is undetermined)
407.3250 Kennedy Space Center Convoy Command UHF-1
407.4750 Kennedy Space Center LC-39 Crane Pool Handhelds Channel 2
408.1500 Kennedy Space Center Convoy Purge UHF-3
409.1750 Kennedy Space Center Convoy Cooling UHF-8
409.9250 Kennedy Space Center Weather Data Repeater
412.8750 Patrick AFB 1999 Airshow PA feed
413.1250 Kennedy Space Center Railway Ops Net 506
413.2500 Kennedy Space Center O & C Cargo Transport
413.3750 Kennedy Space Center Cargo Net 600
413.8750 Patrick AFB Flight Surgeon Control Repeater
416.5000 WFM KSC / CCAFS Command Destruct Data

KSC 400 Mhz Trunked Motorola Astro (digital) Type II
base 406.100 offset 12.5 khz

406.2375 (control channel)
406.3750 (control channel)
406.4375 (control channel)
406.6375 (control channel)

Amateur Radio -  Merritt Island

146.9400 Transmits NASA Select TV audio during Shuttle missions