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Experience is the conduit in which God works in your growth.

  1. God works through ordinary people and can work through unbelievers. - https://bible.org/seriespage/lesson-51-how-god-uses-ordinary-people-genesis-261-35
  2. God alone has the power to change a person's heart. Do not try to manipulate others - prayer and waiting are essential. - https://billygraham.org/answer/why-do-you-say-that-only-god-can-change-a-persons-heart/
  3. Excellent notes on spending time in solitude before taking action - the leader must think things through before rushing in.
  4. Leaders need to develop thick skin and carefully evaluate criticism (where it's coming from, the content of the criticism).
  5. Nehemiah refused to be intimidated by others and he gives us encouragement to stand firm when needed.
  6. A leader has to know when to make a stand and when to compromise - not everything is worth fighting for!
  7. Leaders need to be happy people! The world is looking for positive people who are encouragers - people will flock to this kind of person.
  8. Effective leaders have good insights and do not have inflated opinions of themselves.