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This page is a work in progress.

What is it

Self Contained Notes Repository Manager of SCNRM is a free and open source multi-platform secure and encrypted notes repository GUI written in Python/TkInter usable under Linux, Windows and Mac and possibly others where Python and TkInter are implemented.

Notes storage

Note collections are stored in single file (or nosql database) containers referred to as a vault with a further organization of drawers.

Design goals

Inspired by IBM Lotus Notes NSF files. Priorities are reliable, private, cross platform and multi-media.

  • Off-line: works completely off-line. No cloud!
  • Self-contained: program and files in a single collection to make secure replication easier.
  • Multimedia: notes and attachments are stored in a single encrypted vault in a single nosql database file and rendered inline.
  • Private: intended for a single individual. Non collaborative notes and articles of a personal or private nature. Sharing of notes possible via export. Access and and authenticated is strongly encrypted and secure. 2FA a possible future.
  • Encrypted: end to end even while editing.
  • Desktop: oriented and not client server. Mobile or cell device is not a design goal.
  • Organization: notes organized by drawer/folder with tags or other semantics. Links between documents possible.
  • Editor: support for any editor. edited files stored in secure blobs.
  • Rendering: TBD but likely RTF, MD or HTML a mode that supports multi-media.
  • Reliable: journal of revisions to documents and document recovery.
  • Replication: of documents (similar to Lotus Notes NSF) to other vaults (hosted else where or on local disk).
  • Searchable: Notes are searchable, indexed (if plain text) and tagged.
  • Cross platform: Mac, Linux and Windows.




scnrm is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0



Change History

scnrm is still being developed.

Wish list

  • Private editor that allows encryption even in shared memory.


scnrm is still being developed.