Linux kernel performance and reliability monitoring and tuning

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I created this section as a compendium of my collected knowledge of Linux performance monitoring and tuning. I am not an expert but I decided to collect these together with original references or citations when possible for non-original work. I started this in my private wikis because I grew tired of searching all the articles everytime a new subject would come up. There are hundreds of thousands of articles out there on topics related to Linux performance. I then decided to make my notes public to benefit others. So this collection is an outreach of that and will take time to migrate over from my private archives. In some cases original attribution is now lost however if you see something here I have referenced that you would like to take credit for please contact me by email atMy email address.png.

See also my pages on Web or server connection troubleshooting and Network troubleshooting.

Linux performance analysis

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Credit for above to Brendan Gregg.

Commands to monitor resources overall


Linux CPU Monitoring and Tuning

Memory and swap

Linux Memory and swap Monitoring and Tuning

Disk and storage

Linux Disk and Storage Monitoring and Tuning


Linux Network Monitoring and Tuning

Good articles and notes