Who am I?


Hello and my name is Kevin Patrick Inscoe. I am a Christ-centered born-again Spirit-filled licensed minister of God (Church of God Cleveland, TN – Exhorter rank) who came to Christ on Memorial Day weekend in 1988. I am a teacher and prayer evangelist in Volusia County, Florida. Educated as a electronics radio communications engineer. Called into full time bi-vocational ministry in 1989. Currently employed as a specialist engineer for a well known international education materials company for the last 10 years. Native of Maryland living in Deltona, Florida for over 25 years with my wife Sarah and three adult children: Noah, Mari and Michael. I also own property in Greeneville, TN and occasionally spend time there as well.

What am I doing?

Through the teachings and calling God has given to me, I am dedicated to sharing God’s love and the life-changing message of God’s Word “The Bible” with the community and watch areas God’s has assigned me to (“Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” – Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8) through teaching and leading classes, courses, seminars, small groups, one on one teaching, books, publications, various media productions, live and web conferences, online training and this website. I strive to promote prayer and seek for city and county wide renewal in the Volusia County area of Central Florida. I produce prayer guides, research news, events and history of the areas assigned and lead and/or assist with prayer gatherings, events and summits. As a “five fold” minister (Ephesians Chapter 4 verses 11 through 13) called prophet my two main responsibilities are to teach, preach and exhort others to pray for restoration, renewal and revival for our communities.

Who are you accountable to?

I am accountable first to the Pastoral and Elder leadership of my home church Sanctuary Church of God, DeLand, FL, second to my local district the Florida State Executive Office of the Church of God.

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  1. Ben Altieri
    Ben Altieri / 11-25-2014 / ·

    Hi Kevin, long time no talk.
    Cool WP theme on your site. As you may, or may not be aware, I am searching for a new job. I’m still employed at Skyword and its been great for my career. However, my role is being phased out and migrated to Pittsburgh, PA. I have been doing generally the same things I did at HMH / Navisite while at Skyword.
    I am reaching out to you to ask if you would be so kind as to provide a reference for me. I realize it has been a few years since we last worked together. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s ok, I understand.
    Hope all is well.
    – Ben Altieri

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